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  • kimonoKimono’s – A Taste of the Far East

    Benicia is such a small, talkative town, that when a new restaurant pops up, the entire community reacts. And there is a process by which Benicians collectively decide if the new place is any good. First, they’ll go to the new restaurant in droves, and you’ll see a quick spike in popularity, which doesn’t necessarily...

  • A Professional Storytelling Experience

    Storytelling has been around since the dawn of humankind. A bold statement, but it’s probably true. It’s also the most common form of entertainment today, though it’s usually disguised as film, music, dance … stand-up comedy is probably the most recognized form of direct storytelling that we’re used to experiencing. But if what you’re looking for...

  • Touro University

    Walking through the doors of the newly opened Touro University California Translational Research Clinic and Student Health Clinic, one is immediately surrounded by modern furniture, freshly installed flooring, contemporary lighting fixtures, and state-of-the-art equipment. But there’s another aspect of this decades old building that comes to life when entering...

  • Tales_Kitchen_webFennel, Who Knew?

    I need to begin this tale with a bit of backstory … it happened many moons ago while I was still in culinary school. It was December and I wanted to make a hot apple cider for Christmas Eve, so I sent my husband off to the store to buy star anise. When he returned he came back with an onion-like bulb in his hand...

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