This is our official announcement of the 5th Annual Local Happenings Local’s Choice Awards – can you believe it’s been 5 years already?!  We want to help you find the best events in the area and the Local’s Choice Awards help us identify some of the best businesses and people in the area that will help lead us to find our next local happening!

The award winners will be announced in our February – March 2016 edition.

We are inviting you, the public, to help choose the winners. We have nominated a handful of people and businesses in 12 categories and we are asking you to vote for your favorites, or add to our list by nominating your personal favorite in any and all categories you like.

The rules:

The businesses nominated must be within the bounds of Napa, Solano or Contra Costa counties.

The businesses must have been in business since at least January 1, 2012 – as most new businesses fail in the first three years, we want to focus on those companies that have withstood the test of time.

The voting and nominations will open up on our website on Tuesday, September 1, 2015, and conclude on Sunday, December 6, 2015.

You may cast your vote in the following ways:



Fax: 707-557-3166

Mail: Local Happenings Magazine

207 Wallace Ave

Vallejo, CA  94590

If you fax, e-mail or mail your votes please include your name, address and e-mail address on your entry to be considered a valid entry. We were going to post an official entry form that you could download on the web but if you could download the form you could also simply vote online – so there is no “official” ballot for votes or nominations that you can download.

Please include “Local Happenings Awards” in the subject line of e-mails and at the top of faxes or letters.

Just like in American Idol, you should vote early and often – you may vote once per day for your favorites so make sure to spread the word to help them get selected. We look forward to helping you learn about some of these great businesses and people within our community after you help us select our winners!

The categories:

  1. Restaurants/Food
  2. Golf Courses
  3. Retailers (any type, from car dealers to clothing stores; if they sell product to the general public they would qualify)
  4. Event/Festival
  5. Personal Service Business (i.e. Hair Salon, Nails, Spa, Massage, etc.)
  6. Business Services (Banks, Insurance Companies,
    Attorneys, etc.)
  7. Realtor (Favorite Realtor)
  8. Health Care (Doctors, Dentists, Hospitals,
    Chiropractors, etc.)
  9. Children’s Activities (Discovery Kingdom,
    Jump House Providers, Public Parks, etc.)
  10. Animal/Pet Activity/Business/Event (Groomers,
    Dog Parks, Pet Stores, etc.)
  11. Best Customer Service (any Business)
  12. Humanitarian – this can be a person, non-profit or a business