Dennis Klimisch and the new city manager share ideas for the city

The Vallejo Convention and Visitors Bureau had a huge success at their Annual Tourism Luncheon yesterday. Attendees were welcomed with an open bar provided by the new restaurant that will open June 4, Vallejo Power Company Bar & Grill. The keynote speaker, Mike Gallagher, provided some wonderful insight into tourism today and tomorrow and all attendees went away very impressed. Thanks Mike Browne and staff!

Today the Benicia Tourism Committee made some headway into creating a buzz about Benicia at the Sunset Magazine Celebration Weekend. We’re so excited about this event and hopefully residents and tourists alike in the Bay Area will get an up close and personal view of Benicia.

Tonight the residents and visitors of Danville will get a chance to stroll downtown drinking! Yes, you heard it here first, tonight is Discover Danville’s Wine and Chocolate stroll. Ben and I are ready and will take some photos to show off tomorrow!

No time for stretches, but have to feed Ben, latte, and I’m off. . .

Head of Economic Development, Ursula Luna-Reynoso, and her assistant Annette Taylor along with new city manager Dan Keen take time out to smile for the camera