A New Year's vista to enjoy!

It feels like I never left. Ben and I were kept very busy yesterday with appointments and stops to see clients. Today continues with more appointments and continued goals being met. I am very excited with the New Year and the goals we have set for ourselves.  The air still seems to have a feeling of the holiday spirit lingering, people seem happier and not so tired. Try smiling all day and saying hi to at least two strangers and see how different you feel. I laughed so much yesterday that my cheeks still hurt.

The New Local Happening Award Winners have just been notified of their win and the excitement is so great. The February/March issue will have all the winners listed and you will get a chance to read a little bit about your local businesses in the Solano, Napa and Contra Costa Areas.

Stretches and meditation; feed and walk Ben and off we go. . .