Ben was captivated with these two ladies: Floria Hakimi, Partner at Empire Realty and her assistant, Angie Roudnev.

Ben was very busy yesterday. We headed to the Benicia Tourism meeting very early and then had to dash to make it to the start of the Giants game. He was very upset since there was a lot of clapping, screaming and cursing going on! Then we had to go on a long walk to get all that pent up tension out. Then we headed to go see our friends in Danville.  It was nice to walk the downtown and say hi to our friends that we hadn’t seen for about a month.

The Danville Chamber of Commerce Mixer was held at Empire Realty on Diablo Blvd. The event was very well attended and our hosts really outdid themselves. Ben also had a great time and had a chance to take photos with a few people. Ben was invited back since he made so many friends!

SF Giants note: UNBELIEVABLE! I think I am still in a state of shock that Posey hit a grand slam and catapulted us into more post season play. I am willing to stay in the dream like state for as long as need be. Unfortunately the Oakland A’s are not going any further, but I am sure they will be back next year, they have a young team.

BIG, BIG, BIG, DEEP stretches, feed and walk Ben, and then I’m gone . . .