Derrik Karimian and his matey, his fiance Lindsay, take in the bounty at the Pirate Festival

I took lessons over the weekend in “Pirate”. I am not sure I am proficient yet, but it appears to not be too hard. When you don’t know what to say you reply, “Arrr . . .” with a pause and everyone looks like they understand. Seriously though, I was able to make it to the Pirate Festival at the Vallejo Waterfront this weekend and what a hoot! On that note, I never saw so many “Hoots” not even at “Hooters”! My life is a little more complete now.

This week is off to a busy start. The magazines are out so I am taking a little time to play in the Omega Boys Golf Tournament. I tried to get some yard work done this weekend but it was so HOT there was no way I could be out in the sun, so I am looking forward to being outside in “normal” weather today.

BIG stretches, feed Ben, latte, and I’m off. . .

The littlest Pirate!










I have heard that Pirates are rats, but this is ridiculous!

Pirates sing?