Our Company

BB&B Business Group is a unique management consulting firm that provides strategic counsel to the companies that it partners with to assist them in growing their business and expanding their reach in the community, while at the same time strengthening their financial controls and oversight. Their focus is to provide the support and infrastructure to companies that do not yet have or want a large internal staff. Our clients look to us to help them grow their sales while improving their customer satisfaction in an ever demanding marketplace. We evaluate your current systems, and offer not only advice on their improvement, but also provide the expertise to help those changes take place. In addition due to tour strong ties in the community we are able to provide our clients advice and insight on the political climate of Solano County and its’ cities.

Financial Management
Finance 1

  • Develop long range financial strategy, plans and budgets.
  • Review accounting procedures and implement accounting controls.
  • Coordinate staff and outside tax, banking and financial professionals.
  • Provide oversight to the capital structure of the company, determining the best mix of debt, equity and internal financing.
  • Assist in developing and managing relationships with the capital markets.

Marketing 1

  • Identify, create and maintain strategic partnerships within their community that allow their clients to more effectively market themselves.
  • Enhance existing sales staff.
  • Develop comprehensive marketing plans tailored to our clients overall business strategy.
  • Create Corporate Identity, Collateral pieces, Web Design and video advertisement.
  • Coordinate with advertising agencies for all media types.
  • Assist businesses in navigating through the processes of local municipalities and other government agencies.
  • Creation of custom publishing pieces of any size