When one thinks of customer service, one generally thinks of a business of some kind: Great customer service at that restaurant! Or on the phone with American Express. But when it comes to the local city employees? Not often a go-to for impeccable customer service. Unless you’re in Benicia, of course, and you’re dealing with Benicia Parks & Community Services. Customer service is practically part of their name, so they oughta be pretty good at it! “Customer service means so much to both the Parks & Community Services Department and to the entire City of Benicia,” said Ann Dunleavy, Superintendent of Parks & Community Services for the City of Benicia. “I believe it’s the result of our staff and their willingness to go above and beyond, daily, for our customers and community.” The agency has recently upgraded its registration system so that it’s even easier for customers to access information about classes and programs. That’s right, they got best customer service yet they’re still perfecting it! Check out the new registration system online at apm.activecommunities.com/cityofbenicia.


370 East L St, Benicia, CA 94510


facebook.com/BeniciaPCS or ci.benicia.ca.us