Did you ever want to touch a turtle, interact with an iguana or bond with a boa? Well, Jungle James and his merry band of reptile (and other animal & creature) wranglers would be happy to make that happen. They are the perfect addition to any children’s party—and any type of gathering, in fact—because who isn’t fascinated by those animals and insects that slither, crawl or fly around? Based in Danville, but able to take their show on the road throughout much of the Bay Area, James and his crew really help to make it easy to host a party by providing not only the entertainment but they can supply gift bags and special add-ons like their amphibian race. The guest of honor also gets a special Jungle James t-shirt. So, if you want to see anything from Aphrodite (their rainbow boa) to Zappy (their green tree frog) book a party with James and his crew and explore their wonderful world.

PO Box 391, Danville, CA 94526



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