Located off of Old Sonoma Rd. between Highway 29 and Harvest Middle School, one can find a hidden gem of a park to help spur the imagination and burn off the energy of your favorite little one. Featuring a wonderful custom play structure with dinosaurs, castles, climbing, slides, swings and the largest iguana you have ever seen! So, next time you are in the wine country with your kids and start to wonder; “What fun thing could I do with them?” Now you will know! It’s a great place to plan a picnic around and it is small enough to allow even a most harried parent a moment of respite while the kids enjoy being kids. It will be a surprise that they will enjoy and you will appreciate and “who knows” maybe next time the kids will be the ones saying; “Let’s go to Napa!”

2447 Old Sonoma Rd., Napa, CA 94558