Vallejos Tae Kwon Do

“Martial arts is not about fighting; it’s about building character.” – Bo Bennett

That statement is the embodiment of Vallejos Tae Kwon Do; the development of “Life Skills” – Tae Kwon Do is simply the medium used to deliver those lessons.

Master Vallejos has been a constant presence in the Benicia community for more than 35 years. Voted “#1 Martial Arts School” for eight consecutive years by the TimesHerald is an honor they strive to uphold. Vallejos Tae Kwon Do’s dedication to their students and through partnering with the parents of their community have resulted in confident, strong, well-rounded, professional adults. They also will work with the parents of their students to help them reach their own fitness goals. They look forward to meeting you and helping both you and your children to develop lifelong habits of fitness, wellbeing and confidence.

425 Military East, Benicia, CA. 94510, (707) 746-1795,

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