I need it to still be Monday! There are just not enough hours in the days. I vote for an eight day week. The problem with that is that I would add the extra day to the weekend not the work week. With that thought,  I seriously need a loooooong walk; I feel that my legs haven’t really stretched this week.

Ben is greeted with enthusiasm at the door of the Benicia Chamber of Commerce Mixer

Good job Featherer Pet for hosting a great mixer in Benicia last night. The music was fabulous, the food was great (Thanks Randy!) and I even won a prize.  Today I have another full day and then a fundraiser that will kick off the area’s Relay for Life Cancer walks. The weekend will also be full of running around so I better breathe deep and enjoy the moment and laugh a lot!

BIIIIIIG stretches, feed Ben, latte, and I’m off. . .



The band played and played!