I couldn't resist using this picture!

Being a self-professed “moonaholic” I look at the moon every night and each night I am in awe of the wonderment of nature. With each vision I see something different in the moon and have a completely new reaction to that sighting as well. Last night I saw it from Contra Costa and Solano County and each vista was completely different. Both were beautiful but each was unique. I somehow remember a song back in the eighties that was a show tune (think mice I think) that mentioned two lovers looking at the same moon in different places and I have to say each would see something completely. That somehow makes me sad. Oh well, I have no idea where all that rambling came from!

Today I am continuing on my deadline path – trying to not be sick and making sure  talk to all of my contacts. I hope I can get to bed early tonight!

Early am stretches and meditation; feed and walk Ben and off we go. . .