Ken Leach performing with the Wasted Rangers at the Wednesday Night Ramble

Yesterday was a little two step for Ben and I since we needed to be in two different places all day long. We made it, but we fell quickly to sleep and did not want to wake up this morning! Yountville all day with meetings, get togethers, bocce, dinner and then back to the Empress for a little Ramble. Thanks Don and Rhonda for putting together such a great evening of music and fun.

Today appears to be more of the same – plus we have a day game. What to do, what to do?

SF Giants note: We’re having a good time watching this unfold, it just appears to be going a little too fast. Can we start September over?

BIG, BIG, LONG stretches, feed and walk Ben, water the yard, and then I’m gone . . .

The countdown continues!