Spinal surgery is a pretty serious operation, and we don’t need a medical degree to say that. It’s obvious. So if you’re in need of such a procedure, wouldn’t you want to go to the best specialist you can find? Well when it comes to Napa County, our readers have confidently referred you to Jason T. Huffman, M.D., one of the surgeons at Napa Valley Orthopaedic Medical Group, Inc. “The most rewarding part of my profession is hearing how I have helped people,” said Dr. Huffman. “To those who voted for me I want to send a sincere thank you.” Dr. Huffman and his staff go above and beyond to ensure that patients get the treatment that they need, providing patients with clinical outcomes that are among the best in the country by offering individualized attention that is only available in a boutique practice such as this one. “I specialize in true, comprehensive, minimally invasive spine surgery,” he adds. He performs those same outpatient “bandaid” surgeries that you see advertised on TV, as well as complex spinal deformity surgeries using minimally invasive approaches. “I’ve taught these techniques to other surgeons in courses across the country and around the world,” he said. “They have significantly improved their surgical outcomes compared to the techniques most surgeons currently utilize.” So maybe not just among the best in Napa County, but the world? Perhaps you should give Dr. Huffman a call.


3273 Claremont Way, #100, Napa, CA 94558



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