Crazy Fanfest in San Francisco!

Ben and I never stopped this weekend. From Friday morning until Sunday night we just kept going like little Energizer bunnies!

Saturday I decided to take a little break and do something that I have always said might be fun and have never done. KNCR San Francisco Giants Fanfest Day at AT & T Park in San Francisco. What a blast I had. Lunch on the Embarcadero, I forget how the little things in life make me smile.

We then decided to stop at Treasure Island since we have a new client on this fabulous destination in the San Francisco Bay Area. WOW. I hadn’t been in a while and I forgot how the scenery was amazing. We will definitely have stories to tell in the near future.

The evening in Yountville brought even more amazing scenery, sometimes I LOVE my job! OK, I love my job every day not just sometimes.

Early am stretches and meditation; feed and walk Ben and away we go. . .