I should say OMG it’s Friday. Still so much to do – but now it’s a holiday weekend and guess what – nothing will get done; nothing that is but eating drinking and resting. (OK, some yard work!) Yesterday the weather report said we would have thunder showers, today its perfect weather, oh well so much for them. The weather should hold up all weekend so get out there and enjoy.

Danielle Singing at her graduation mass

Yesterday I had so much running around before heading into San Francisco to see my niece, Danielle, graduate from Sacred Heart Preparatory School. How fast they grow up, just yesterday she was a baby riding my Rottweiler, Rhett and now she will be heading off to College at UC Davis. The good thing is she is going to be a doctor, so now I feel better about getting older and needing health care!

BIG stretches, feed Ben, latte, and I’m off and ready to face the day. . .


Have you ever seen so many cookies!? Refreshments at the graduation