Today I will have to work fast if I am going to get everything I want to do “checked” off my list. It’s Friday though so on some level things will be moving faster than I want anyway. According to the weather we will have more days of March for the next week which is good since you always get more done when it is not so hot.

Ben is very excited to be at TEAM this weekend for the Bone Marrow Event

There are some exciting things going on this weekend so make sure you check out the calendar and try to attend some of the fun-filled activities. One of the events not to miss is the Bone Marrow event at TEAM Superstores Saturday. There will be kid’s events, food, music and past and present 49ers to sign autographs. I also have heard it on good authority that Nat Shierholtz of the SF Giants will be there to make sure the festivities get off to a good start. Let’s not forget the bigger picture is that by simply swabbing the inside of your mouth you might also be able to save a life! TEAM Superstores has definitely hit a home run!

BIG stretches, then more BIG stretches, feed Ben, latte, and I’m off. . .