OOPS, the song really goes, Monday, Monday. . . But I always
think there should be a song about Friday, telling us why we should be happy
and not why we should be hating the day. Today is a great day.  Our little Veronica Colette officially
becomes a Briseno this morning. Her adoption is the final leg in a long race
that has been weary but very rewarding for the family. Ramon, Rory and now
Veronica complete the family for Regina and Robert, congratulations!

Ben kissing Kenny Ross of TEAM Superstores

Ben relaxing in front of the Dale Earnhardt, Jr car at TEAM Superstores

Ben and I of course will be running around as usual –
yesterday was a little weary but that just means that today will be extra
special! Before noon I will be through 4 counties and who know what this
afternoon holds.

This weekend is also very busy with the Empress Gala,
weddings and more. I will try to slow down a little and enjoy the moment of
time that makes this a memory . . .

Everyone smiling at the Vacaville Mixer!

Sy from Sutter Solano Hospital visits with fellow Chamber members