The grand drive leading up to Far Niente Winery

Ben and I have so much to get done today. We have a breakfast meeting, a coffee meeting and a lunch meeting. Guess I better wear something loose! I am planning to have pancakes for breakfast so that should set the tone for the day. Tonight I have an event in Benicia which should be loads of fun, definitely a girl’s night but with a twist, that’s all I will say.

These pictures are from a recent trip to Far Niente Winery (See story in Oct/Nov issue) and I just have to say that no photos that were taken or these do it justice. I have decided that this winery is one of the most beautifiul I have ever been to. (I have been to quite a few!) It was like “Disneyland” for wine lovers.

One of the most beautiful vistas

SF Giants note: It is a do or die – let’s bring it home! I still love my Timmy!

BIG, BIG, DEEP stretches, feed and walk Ben, and then I’m gone . . .