Three months into 2015 already!! It just never slows down, does it? We know that life is busy (Robert has three young children and Deanna has three dogs – two of which are puppies) and it’s hard to take the time to do all that you enjoy each day, week, month, or year. Before you know it, your “want to do” list becomes the “wish I had” list.

We are very excited to be in our sixth year and becoming an integral part of the communities we serve. THANK YOU for taking the time out of your busy life to read our thoughts and peruse the pages of our publication and/or website. Our hope is that you are getting all the information you need to find for all of these great events that surround us each day. Please share with us if we are missing some (I am sure we are) so we can get the information up on the website for all to see. If you are reading our print magazine please make sure that you check out the website as well because our print magazine has only a fraction of the events on our full website calendar. There is just literally not enough space to print them all in the magazine. The website also allows us to put a LOT more information about each event. The best part is that it is smartphone friendly so you can be out and about and visit our website to find out what is happening that day nearby!

Our April/May edition also marks the start of spring – though this year spring started in February, at least in Northern California! While it has been a disappointing rain season we’re sure that it will still be a wonderful spring season here in this lovely region we are honored to call home. April 22 is also Earth Day and if you are really worried about the rain and want to learn how you can help this little blue marble that we call home please read our Earth Day article in this issue to see how you can make a difference. If you’re wondering what to do with Fido this spring make sure to catch up with Deanna and her intrepid travels as she catches us all up on some great places to not only spend time with your favorite pooch but to take in a few suds (of the adult beverage kind) as well. Lots more to read about in this issue, so sit back and enjoy the ride!

As always we would like to give out our birthday wishes. We at Local Happenings are celebrating our Father’s birthday (we…Robert & Deanna, are brother and sister as well as business partners and creators of this fine publication) as well as Deanna’s and Robert’s eldest son, all in April. It should all make for a rather busy month – as it always does – for us. To our friends and family happy birthday as well to: Jackson, Debbie, Lindsay, Judy, Bonnie, John, Judith (we miss you), Eric, Ronda, Juanita, Dennis, Shawn, Donna, Greg, Stacey, Dave, Carol, Sherri, George, Jim, Adam, Jimmie, David, Norman, Leeann, JD, Michael, Dan, Mike, Leonard, Amber, Benny, Steve, Joey, Tom, Scott, Renee, Kelly, Leah, Cathy, Jonathon, John, Leanne, Russ, Coleen, Leslie, Kathy, Wanda, Leslie, Kim, Jeanne, Miguel, LaGuan, Marc and all the rest we do not have room to fit in here. (Happy one year birthday to Devlin as well!) We hope each of you have a fabulous birthday and a great year!!

Until next issue, cheers!

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