The Silverado Resort and Spa is a prime example of taking what Napa wine country has to offer and turning it into an unforgettable experience. “Playing through the majestic oak trees is definitely special,” says Tim Geesy, Silverado’s Director of Golf. “When I’m out there at 4 p.m. in July, with the shadows moving across the course, that is what I remember about playing at Silverado.”

Established in 1955, Silverado has continually expanded with the changing nature of the game and technology. “But the one thing that sets us apart is the great history of the course. We’ve hosted 28 pro events throughout the years. The challenges we offer to golfers are progressing, which establishes us as a great golf course destination in Northern California.”

Geesy says that all who play are to expect a challenge, “The greens and green complex are the keys to the golf course. It differentiates the course for the experienced golfer.”

1600 Atlas Peak R., Napa Valley, CA 94558 • (800) 532-0500 •