Do you ever wake up and for no particular reason you are
just happy in the moment. I feel like this often but I hardly ever take the
time to actually embrace it and relax in the memory it will make. Simple things
and simple pleasures create a memory that days, months and even years later I will
remember as a time I was happy. Today is such a day.

Ben gets ready for his treatment from Cheri at Bombshell Hair and Ink

Yesterday Ben and I visited a lot of friends and clients,
Sailor Jack’s, Bombshell Hair and Ink, St. Patrick-St. Vincent High School and friends from Vallejo Executive Lions just to mention a few. We had a lot of fun and were able to get things accomplished that needed my attention. Today is no different – Ben and I will start the day in Vallejo but travel to Danville and who knows where the road will lead.

Today the stretches feel great, Ben is fed, vanilla latte is
made, and life is good. . .


Ben waits patiently outside Sailor Jacks since there was no outdoor seating!