Persons Plastic Surgery

When it comes to cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, having a doctor you can trust is key. And for more than a quarter century, Barbara L. Persons, MD, FACS, of Persons Plastic Surgery, has been exactly that to the Bay Area, and that’s just one of the reason’s she’s been bestowed our Local’s Choice Award in several prior years. As the President and CEO of Persons Plastic Surgery, Dr. Persons provides life-transforming services for her clients. She specializes in pretty much everything; facelifts, neck lifts, tummy tucks, breast augmentations, scar revisions, “mommy makeovers” and more! On top of that, she offers a range of non-surgical procedures, like Botox, laser hair removal, vein treatment, and dermal fillers. Not only is she widely trusted, her staff is also known for making patients feel like part of the family. If you’ve had a specific procedure on your mind for what feels like too long now, get a consultation at Persons Plastic Surgery and figure things out from there.

911 Moraga Rd. #205, Lafayette, CA. 94549, (925) 283-8811,

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