Valerie Ozsu MSN CNM NP, ProEFT Practitioner

Maintaining health is challenging in today’s world with the chemicals, metals and radiation that we’re exposed to in our foods, lifestyle and environment. Valerie Ozsu opened Natural Health and Wellness Center, Inc. because she wanted to incorporate her 38 years in advanced nursing, kinesiology and nutritional education to design individualized programs to help men, women and children. Her restorative medicine practice seeks to find the cause and how to reverse a person’s illness rather than just recognizing and treating the symptoms as in traditional medical practices. Dynamics in illness and healing requires that a person understands how to reverse the cause(s) of their disease.

Valerie’s mission is to educate and promote longevity without the use of unnecessary drugs or medical procedures. She wants to restore her patient’s lost vitality and reverse their health problems by using various methods to help patients understand their bodies and nutritional needs. She is very knowledgeable in hormone balancing for men and women, and recently added Thermography (a non-radiation form of breast cancer screening). She has success in allergy clearing in addition to designing individual detoxification and purification programs using only organic whole food supplements.

Feel free to join Valerie at her free community workshops or learn for yourself by scheduling an evaluation and discover why so many of Valerie’s patients are so excited about how much better they feel, and the progress they have made in improving their health and well being.

524 Merchant St, Suite A, Vacaville, CA 95688


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