Monday Holidays such as President’s Day always make me
behind in everything I do. For the rest of the week I will be looking for that
day I lost. I try to stay on top of work on Monday holidays, but sometimes I
fall short and this is just what happened yesterday. I had good intentions of
spending all day in front of the computer and then it was a beautifully sunny
day and I just couldn’t!

I took a very lazy drive to Sonoma up towards Santa Rosa
with no destination in mind and I had a great day. Came home and cooked dinner
and watched the Warriors.  Life is pretty good, and it is these small moments when you have to take notice and realize that these are the moments that become tomorrow’s memories of yesterday.

Of course then I had to get up at 5:30 this morning in order
to try to catch up. Guess what, I didn’t! It is 6:00 pm and I am barely getting
these little notes posted. Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive and I
will be able to greet “the hump day” with a feeling of accomplishment.

The dog days of February . . .