Budd MacKenzie Trust in Education

Earning the award for best humanitarian is no easy feat. Now in its 15th year, Trust in Education has been providing educational, economic, and healthcare assistance to Afghan families. Thus far, they’ve distributed 8,000 solar cookers to families living in refugee camps, built two bridges over a stream where a young girl had previously lost her life trying to cross, established 10 computer libraries … the list goes on. They built their first school of 120 students in Afghanistan in 2005, and they have since gone on to support classes in 10 villages that helped educate more than 1,250 children in 2010. Currently, they’re focused on finding sponsors for as many underprivileged youth as possible. This all began when Budd MacKenzie, an ordinary citizen, decided to make a difference. His journey is described in his book Off the Couch: Into the War for Hearts and Minds, available on Amazon. For additional details on what they’re all about, and why Afghanistan is their area of focus, visit their website.

985 Moraga Road, Ste. 207, Lafayette, CA. 94549, (925) 299-2010, www.trustineducation.org

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