Put on a Happy Face!

It’s not an attractive saying but it’s true –
Wednesday is the day that everyone that works Monday-Friday looks forward to.
We then know that we have only a couple more days before the weekend, a party,
vacation or just a chance to rest. It’s best to wake up on this day, put on a happy face and get
going so you can get over the hump!

Today is like no other, get up, take dog out, feed dog, do stretches, take a shower, make my latte and get to work!


Today it begins like this:

  • Finish working on the cover and get feedback.
  • Finish making CDs for all winners of our Locals
    Choice Awards.
  • Head to Pacific East Mall to deliver magazines
    and say hi.
  • Go to Warriors basketball game in Oakland
    tonight! That should be a hoot.
  • Hopefully be in bed to charge up for tomorrow by