Don Reed gets up close and personal with a fan

That’s right Monday is here and I am still smiling from the weekend. This is how you should try to feel every Monday so you can get the
week jump started. I hope that everybody wakes up with a smile so that you can
get all that you want out of this week.

So, is the comedy show on Friday the reason? Who knows, who cares, just continue to laugh and don’t question.  I have decided to make comedy a habit by
watching a funny movie in the movie when I am getting ready for work – I’ll let
you know.

Ben is very excited to get out today since he knows we have
a lot to get accomplished, be sure to keep an eye out for him. I have scheduled
him in some very fun and unusual places.
Maybe a picture with you? Today there is a lot to get done, and this week
will be VERY busy. Get on the bus and strap yourself in if you’re going to keep
up, we have much to do . . .

More fun at the comedy show!

Smile for the camera!