The best spread for Bocce I have ever seen!

Remember to watch out for the blue moon tomorrow, tonight will be great too, but Friday will be the crème de la crème.

Yesterday was so full! I love a day that is accomplished but not overwhelming. Had a great one.

Today I am heading out early and playing in an invitational golf tournament. I am not sure what I will play like – but I do know this, I will have a great time!

Thanks everyone for banding together for Ben – I TRULY appreciate it!

If you saw the photo in yesterdays blog, something is amiss! I am so excited for my Brother Robert and his wife Regina who have bought a new house and are building it from scratch!! It will be everything they want for their family and I am very happy that I can bring it to you up close and personal. I will update some pictures hopefully in the next few days.

SF Giants note: What a team! I am loving it!

BIG, BIG stretches, feed Ben, and then I’m gone . . .