No bad economy at the Wine and Cheese Store!

Summertime is flying by and I can now take time to enjoy it a little more since one more issue is off of my desk! The new Local Happenings Magazine, August/September edition will be hitting streets on Friday. I am either becoming more patient and calm, have the system down or I’m doing it in my sleep since I really do not feel like life stopped during the production of this magazine. I was even at the Oxbow Market eating oysters last night at Hog Island which I never would have been able to do the night before we go to press last year. I will add it up to mental and spiritual growth. I guess that meditating is working.

Bye Nate, Ben and I will continue to watch your career!










My Giants note – WE WON!!! Thankfully we broke our losing streak. My man Nate Shierholtz took off and went to Philadelphia last night – good luck and hopefully Hunter will do us right!

LOTS OF BIG stretches, feed Ben, latte, water the yard and I’m gone  . . .