I can’t believe that it is February! This weather is unreal.
I somehow feel we will be paying for this at some later date, but for now I’m
loving it. Yesterday as I sat outside having lunch, I was already wishing that
it was Friday and I was on my way to Monterey/Carmel and sitting on Fisherman’s
Wharf drinking a beer.  Today it looks like it is going to be the same so maybe I should toss aside the fact that I have the whitest legs in the land and wear shorts. Maybe not since I just
looked at them and I don’t want to scare people today. Get outside and enjoy
this weather in some way, shape or form.

If you’re Catholic like myself, you already know this, but yesterday
was the start of Lent. So it begins, my 40 day fast of red meat that I do every
year. I am not sure when I started this but it seems like forever! No hot dogs,
no steaks, no hamburgers, no meat pizza, no tri-tip BBQ’s or even hot pastrami
sandwiches! OMG! If you don’t say or write it down, it doesn’t seem so bad. Oh
well, seafood, chicken and lots of bread, cheese and wine. I think I will
survive. What did you give up? Lent doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give
something up. My father used to tell us that you can add something to your
life. How about visiting that older aunt that you haven’t seen in a long time?
How about mentoring or tutoring a young neighborhood kid that needs some
direction? These are all great things as well. Whatever your religious beliefs
or non-beliefs, lets commit to putting on a smile each morning and getting out
of the house with an extra lilt to your step, you will see a difference I

Speaking of getting out of the house, I have to go –
stretches done, latte made, dog fed – many people to see and things to do . . .