My man Posey is missing!

So this weekend was a little surreal. I went into it having to reschedule everything I had planned since the SF Giants were in the World Series and my life had to be altered around the games. So much to do and so much was accomplished.

Number one, my nephew Rory’s Birthday party went off without a hitch and it was really great. Tree trimming was scheduled at my house and everyone came out to help. It was great and sooooo much was accomplished. Then Saturday night the SF Giants won and pretty much sealed the deal since we were at that point 3-0. Ben and I woke up late on Sunday and lounged around and then went on a long walk and visited with friends. Finally the SF Giants went into extra innings and won the game 4-3 to become World Champions! We were all so happy!

Ben and I will now schedule to go to San Francisco for the Parade to honor the SF Giants. Whoo hooo!

BIG, BIG, LONG stretches, feed and walk Ben, and then I’m gone . . .