Ben is very camera shy with his wound!

Since I have to be an appointment out of town first thing this morning, 8:00 am for me, I have to get going a lot earlier than usual. I will be out the door by 7 am and Ben has to go with me so we will try to figure out how to watch him 24/7 since he can NOT lick his wound from his surgery. It has definitely been a trying week with him being an invalid.

Yountville this morning and Danville later – just another three county day for me. Tomorrow will be the Chamber Golf Tournament at Hiddenbrooke, I am tired again, and I need a longggggg massage!

SF Giants note – 15-0, can’t you guys save some of those runs for this weekend!

BIG Stretches, feed Ben, latte, water the yard, and then I’m gone  . . .