Where do we begin to tell the story of Ken Ross and all of his philanthropic endeavors? We must begin at the beginning. Ken Ross started in the Auto Industry after his mother told him there was an opening at a local Car Dealer and since he wanted to make more money than mom and dad were paying him at the family furniture store he decided he had nothing to lose. That was in 1978 fresh out of high school and attending Junior College and he hasn’t looked back except to laugh and tell the many colorful stories of his adventures in this profession.

“The car business is fun, no two days are alike and I am never bored!” Ross explains after being asked why he decided to stay in such a volatile profession after all these years. “Plus, I just love it, the people, the deals, all of it!” he continued.

His success in the car industry led to him buying out a local Vallejo car dealer and opening up TEAM Superstores in 1994. Since then he has immersed himself in the community and just about every fundraiser, non-profit organization, school, and anybody else that has asked he has stepped up and written the all-important check that has made the difference. One such story is the year that Vallejo was not going to be able to have a 4th of July Parade since the organizer backed out at the last minute. When local business owners stepped in to help, Ross’s first reply was, “ What do we need to make sure the parade happens?” The answer was of course money so he wrote the check without another thought.

It’s this and many, many other similar stories that explains why Ken Ross was voted Humanitarian of the Year for Solano County. He is to be applauded not just for the stories of generosity that we hear about but for all of the ones that are done anonymously as well! He hears an enormous thank you from the community with this “Local’s Choice” Award!

301 Auto Mall Prkwy Vallejo, CA 94591