Clay Oven - where I ate Indian food and actually like it!

Yesterday there were a couple of firsts. Barry Zito pitched a complete game in 9 years! Ben was OK sleeping all afternoon. I actually ate and liked Indian food! Yes, you heard it here first, Deanna Baillie, miss persnickety when it comes to food ate and liked Indian food. I loved the Korma sauce, the masala sauce and even the curry sauce! The Naan with goat cheese was my absolute favorite! OK, so I probably would not like everything, but does anyone ever like everything in every culture? I think not. Romy, owner of Clay Oven in Vacaville, graciously hosted us and helped me find out what I actually did like in Indian food. Thanks Romy!

Now that we have all been amazed, what else can there possibly be? I guess I will keep looking for more amazing feats out there.

Here’s another one: I was wearing short for the past two days and now it’s raining. Really? Oh well, back to my hat or ponytail. Lots to do to make sure that the magazine is out there at all the distribution points.

Stretches, feed Ben, latte, and go. . .