How can a city exist without any welcome signs?? Where are
the signs in Vallejo , CA that say Welcome to Vallejo and what the population
is?? My fellow Lions, John Howland and Gary Truelsen are equally amazed that
there are no signs stating that we are entering the city of Vallejo at any of
the entrances. Not on I-80, not on Hwy 29 not on 780! Amazing. Vallejo
Executive Lion Club is going to spearhead this and hopefully we can be
successful. John Howland will be the point person and go tackle the city. Good
luck with that!

I am now hungry so we head to a local diner and have
sandwiches and beer because it is so HOT! Can this really be February?

No rest for the wicked – off to finish delivering magazines.
Everywhere I go people are excited to see the new issue and are very friendly.
I love what I do!

After a hard day, it’s pedicure time – my feet are so
thankful! Red for Valentine’s Day of course.

Now I am going to chillax and head over to Dead Fish in
Crockett so I can sit outside and see the sunset. Ahhhh . . .Everything else
off the record.