As seen through our eyes!

To end the week on such a high note is great. It was so beautiful yesterday; it might have started out SO COLD but turned into one of the most beautiful days in quite some time. I am hoping for more of the same for this weekend.

Yesterday Ben and I traveled all the way up to St. Helena and stayed most of the day in the Napa Valley and we were so happy we did since we were able to visit with clients and friends and have a very relaxing day. Thanks Debbie for your hospitality as well as Aaron and Sarah at The French Laundry. What a meal at Pacific Blues Café! The Halibut special was to die for – I will have to call Jeff and make sure he lets me know when that lemon caper fish is on the menu.

I am definitely tired and can barely make it to bed, thank you Ben for guiding me.

Early am stretches and meditation; feed and walk Ben and off we go. . .