Ben relaxing while we visit with Tucker at the French Laundry Gardens

Yesterday morning I woke up with such a good feeling. I headed to the French Laundry Gardens for a photo shoot and I must tell you it was unbelievably beautiful! The Napa Valley is beautiful on a normal day but after a heavy rain – FABULOUS! It was either going to be the worst photo shoot since it would be too sloppy or the sun would break and we would  get incredible shots. I am happy to tell you that we have the most phenomenal shots that you will have a chance to see in the February/March issue of Local Happenings Magazine.

The day continued with Ben and I returning to Vallejo after the shoot and heading to the Ferry Building where I almost got killed. (Or at least was almost beat within an inch of my life!) I saw the most hideous scene when I saw a young man DRAGGING a young puppy no more than 8 weeks old along the road. I tried to get the dog and he

We had rain yesterday, but a friend sent this to me from Montana - Snow outside her window! Just beautiful.

tried to attack me, threw rocks and pushed me and basically told me he was going to kill me. Thanks to our quick response of our police and humane officers which I thankfully had on my cell phone, the young man was arrested and the puppy is now at a local veterinarian office receiving much needed medical care. The puppy’s legs and belly were stripped of skin and he is lucky to be alive. I just really have to question what goes through some people’s minds. I would do it again.

The day continued . . .

SF Giants note: WE WON! We are headed to the World Series! The gang got together and we cheered the Giants to victory. I am still in shock and not sure it really happened – tomorrow it will set in I am sure.

BIG, BIG, DEEP stretches, feed and walk Ben, and then I’m gone . . .