Usually, I look forward to March so we can go back to longer
days and better weather, but when I look back at the past couple months we have
had almost summer weather and so what can we expect of spring? I am not sure if
at this point we should be expecting rain and cold weather or more of what we
have been experiencing. I guess I will continue to look out each morning and
like a good girl scout, “be prepared”.

Ben visits with Aurelia Villegas, owner of Soluna Boutique Salon, at V Wine Cellar at the V Marketplace in Yountville

Yesterday was a challenge to get back in the saddle, but Ben
and I were out and about visiting clients and making sure that the current
magazine was in all locations. We took a trip to downtown Vallejo, Benicia,
Napa and Yountville. We made some new friends and also ran in to some old familiar faces.

Today I am getting prepared to do a TON of computer work and
visit Fairfield and Vacaville. There is so much going on this spring and we
have to be on top of getting the word out to the readers. Ben is excited about
seeing some old friends in Fairfield and making sure we meet new ones as well.

We are going to get out this morning with a swing in our
step and a smile on our face and see what we can accomplish . . .

Ben followed Aurelia back to Soluna to say hi there!