Danville’s Marcia Harmon is what our Humanitarian category is all about. She is a past president of Discover Danville, a creator of dozens of community events, and the proprietress of Cottage Jewel, so it’s very fitting that our readers voted to give her this honor. “I am shocked, humored, humbled … and a bit embarrassed. But appreciative!” Marcia exclaimed. Most of her community service has revolved around getting residents connected with small businesses, local artisans and nonprofits. She sits on the Executive Board of the Danville Area Chamber of Commerce, is keeping the now-inactive Discover Danville Association’s main events alive and well, and has earned the Arts Commission Volunteer of the Year Award in 2014, among many other distinctions. Not a day goes by where Marcia isn’t thinking about her local community. “Helping to improve the welfare and happiness of people is a daily objective,” she said. “Being active in your community is the only way to live fully! It takes a village to raise a healthy community, and it sure makes it more fun to go to work everyday knowing that you’re part of something bigger.” She invites you to come check out her “packed-to-the-rafters treasure trove of antique and vintage artifacts,” at Cottage Jewel. “You will discover the trip back in time is quite fulfilling,” she said. Throughout the year, Marcia will be hosting Friday night socials from 6-8 p.m. at Cottage Jewel, with each event featuring a new special guest, topic and taste for a unique mind-body-spirit experience. Find more details by searching #CottageJewelAntiques on Facebook and Instagram, or just pay her a visit at Cottage Jewel in Danville.


100 Prospect Ave., Danville, CA 94526



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