So, when you wake up to rain and a headache on a Monday is that a hint to go back
to bed? Unfortunately not, since I have a weekly 9 am meeting on Monday. This
weekend took a little out of me – way too much personal time. Sometimes it’s
best to keep working, or maybe not. I was able to see a much talked about movie,
The Descendants. This movie was very sad and dark, but still good. Does that
make sense? See it on a sunny afternoon so you can come out and still be happy.
(Just a suggestion.)

Saturday night I was lucky enough to go to a fabulous
Valentine Dinner at O’Brien Estate Winery in Napa and just had the best time.
Great music, food, company and of course wine! Wine, wine and more wine. Maybe
that’s why I am still running a little slow today! Oh well, had a great time!


Onward and upward, today it begins like this:

  • Leave house at 9:00 am and have my meeting with
  • Work on blog and figure out how to put in more
    pictures. SOOOOO frustrating for someone who is used to working in a page
    layout program and not a word based program. UGGHHH!
  • Continue work on next issues cover.
  • Play with George and Lori’s dog and take for a
  • Be in bed to charge up for tomorrow by 10? NO,
    maybe 8!
Wine dinner at O’Brien Estates Winery