Ben wasn't feeling well, so his friend was giving him kisses!

I think if you are having a bad day it is OK for it to be a Monday, you have the rest of the week to make up for it. I had to start off the day making sure I got Ben to the vet and be sure he will be OK. He had an abscess and they had to cut it open and now it is my job to keep it clean and drained so it can heal correctly. There is always something, but that is life and I see it as a long and winding road that just had to be navigated correctly. In actuality, I had a good day since I was able to get a lot accomplished and was able to spend it with Ben and his companion for the next few days, Shogun and we just played and played.

I have the best neighbors and friends since they all came to see Ben and then we all stayed together and had the best dinner and after hours, thanks guys!

Today is a long day since tonight is the Napa Fair Wine Gala – I guess we’ll get through it.

SF Giants note – Oh well, tomorrow is another day!

Stretches, feed Ben and Shogun, latte, water the yard and do a little gardening, and then I’m gone  . . .