This can either be a great Hallmark Holiday or the worst. I
have experienced both but I have learned a long time ago that a glass of wine
is always half full. So if you think you do not have a Valentine this year,
look around. You do – a friend, a neighbor, your mom, your dad, a sister or
brother, a niece or nephew or that stranger that smiles at you today. Today is
about the heart and everyone has one, it just depends how you use it. Today,
smile at everyone you pass, say hello to those strangers, hug your family and
friends and at the end of the day see how great you feel.

Of course there are many Local Happenings Magazine
advertisers that would love to see you today:

  • Zio Fraedo’s restaurant on the water in Vallejo
    will have a special menu.
  • Miguelena in Benicia will have that perfect
    Valentine gift for your wife or girlfriend.
  • Studio 41 in Benicia has the perfect gift for
  • DeBartolo Jewelers in Vacaville has that unique
    piece of jewelry that makes a statement
  • Shirocos and Piccolos in Benicia have home, art
    and clothing covered
  • TEAM Superstores has the perfect red vehicle so
    you can surprise your love

The possibilities are endless!

I might see you out and about today – yesterday I covered
two counties and today I will cover two more! But, most important I have to do
something special with my main guy: Ben. The fabulous constant companion, who
always loves me and stays by my side and worries, laughs and cries with me.
Keep your eyes open for us!

My Sweet Valentine!