Ben took time out to visit with the Napa Valley Film Festival Crew at Bardessono Hotel in Yountville

So I was busy smelling the roses and the day just flew by! I need to figure out how to add a couple more hours to each day. What most people don’t realize is that I like a quiet life, relaxing at home and kicking my shoes off. I dream of this.

I was looking forward to an evening at home last night – wrong! I forgot about Yountville Bocce, and then the Napa Valley Film Festivals’ event at Bardessono Hotel. Where is that comfy couch? Not in the cards since I am back in Yountville playing in their Golf Tournament. Good thing I love these guys!

SF Giants note: I love you guys! 7 out in front – unbelievable! Love my Timmy.

BIG, LONG stretches, feed Ben, walk, water the yard and then I’m gone . . .