Lots of dancing was going on at the Ramble

I am sure that someone who was not at the Ramble last night would not understand how great this event was, I still can’t believe the lineup. Don Bassey welcomed several musical artists last night that brought the house down. Multi-instrumentalist Paul Branin was back blowing on the sax and ending the show with a solo guitar rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” that was out of this world! Trombonist Mike Rinta brought his New Orleans funk to the show. WOW. Willie Jordan also showed up again and just about made me cry with his singing. I bought the CD that Tracy Blackman had for sale that had her newly released single on it and have already listened to it twice!

Message to Vallejo and the surrounding cities, you must come to the next Wednesday Night Ramble! This was my third event and it just keeps getting better and better. Thanks Don!

I am running a lot today but hopefully my mind can slow down a little. Yountville is calling my name for a photo exhibition of Mars Lasar  tonight at the community center. I can’t wait to see the photographs that they have selected. Ben is excited because since his surgery he has not been featured in the photos in the blog, that will change tonight.

SF Giants note – So much for our lineup! I am so sad for the team – such disappointment.

Lots of BIG Stretches, feed Ben, latte, water the yard, and then I’m gone  . . .