Dog owners of Napa have been coming to Pet Cuts in order to keep their pets clean and glamorous since 1995.

Experience and training are what sets this business apart from other shops in the area. “I have a degree as a veterinary animal technician,” says Annie Moore, owner and groomer of Pet Cuts. “So I am able to notice when a dog might have an ear or skin infection and let the owner know that they should take their pet to the vet.”

Moore also runs her shop differently than other places. “We schedule our appointments like a beauty salon. Our customers don’t have to wait here all day to get taken care of.”  Pet Cuts is a full-service grooming salon. All dogs get bathed with hypoallergenic shampoo mixed with oatmeal-infused products. “Dogs like coming here. I think it shows, and their owners can see it.”

1119 Lincoln Ave., Napa, CA 94558 • (707) 258-1164 •