Everyone (hopefully) remembers playing dress up as a child and perhaps even putting on a little skit with your siblings for your family or at school. Not everyone had the opportunity to go on stage under the bright stage lights and actually put on a play though. If you thought that moment would never come—now is your chance. While Poison Apple Productions focus much of their time on children’s productions, both young and old(er) can participate at different times of the year.

Stage fright a concern? No worries, as they have workshops to teach children all aspects of a production both on stage as well as behind it. They can learn about makeup, costumes and how to bring together all the elements of lighting and sound to a production as well. Poison Apple Productions wants to bring people together and introduce them to live theater in an affordable and comfortable manner so they can learn what it is like up on stage (and behind it). Children as young as 5 are encouraged to participate. If money is an issue they also offer scholarships and payment plans to help reduce any barriers (other than time) to participate.

Visit them online to learn more about how your children (or you and/or your parents) can participate in an upcoming show as an actor, technician, volunteer or audience member! Their performances are at their small playhouse in Martinez and 3 times a year their larger “Main Stage” shows perform at the Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek! The next big production “Thirteenth Seat at the Round Table” will take place at the Poison Apple Playhouse March 17-April 2. Plan to see some of these great young people in action. That show will feature main stage performers and professional directors.

847 Arnold Dr., Martinez, CA 94553