I’m just kidding! We need the rain, so keep on coming Mr.
Rain Man. It does make for a nice way to wake up though, listening to the rain
drops and smiling. It’s like having a water feature in the house!

So, of course I now have to run around in the rain today
with a lot of stops on my “to do” list. Stretches, feed the dog, latte, (oops
out of beans need to go out and get coffee beans!) do some Vallejo Executive
Lions work, have a lunch meeting and go see advertisers. I actually like days like
this where I feel discombobulated, but in reality getting a lot accomplished.

The fun does not stop there though. Tonight the Lafayette
Chamber is hosting their monthly networking mixer at no other than the Round Up
Saloon. The Chamber office even called to remind me since they thought I would
fit right in with my cowboy hat, so I can not disappoint. Also, the Lafayette
Chamber is one of my favorite chambers so I like attending their functions.

Ben waits for his deposit slip at US Bank

Ben does not like these rainy days unfortunately since he
does not get to visit as many people, I feel bad that he is not getting his
exercise, but he does get a lot of treats . . .