Don Basse ignites the crowd!

Last night we attended the Wednesday Night Ramble at the Empress Theatre. (sans Ben!) What a great event! We had so much fun and the thought that we have so much talent right here in Vallejo is incredible. The next event is July 18 – plan to be there!

I would not normally take the time in this format to go on and on about the Giants, since I should be talking about my advertisers, but OMG! In one month to have the first perfect game in SF Giant history and only the 22nd one in MLB history, but yesterday we completed a SWEEP of our rival Los Angeles Dodgers.  Let me go on, not just a sweep but the first ever in SF Giant history that we swept with 3 shut outs! This is HUGE. We are watching history and will have a chance to look back and say, “I was there”, “I saw that game!” How can we not have a great day now?

Today Ben and I will be traveling, Vallejo, Napa, Benicia and Walnut Creek, I should be very tired by the end of the day!

BIG, BIG, BIG stretches, feed Ben, latte, water the yard and I’m off. . .


Musicians take the stage Wednesday night!